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Pollack Educational Consulting specializes in college admissions counseling and guidance for those seeking higher educational opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We work with every type of student - those who are ranked at the top of their class as well as those who struggle, may have a learning disability, or maintain average grades.   We offer personalized attention and professional advice to help put your mind at ease when faced with new educational decisions. 

Identifying colleges that are a good fit academically and socially is key and can be an overwhelming process due to the hundreds of school options available nationwide.  Chances are you’ve already received numerous letters in the mail, many from schools you’ve never even heard about, or you may have talked with family and friends to hear about options.  But choosing “appropriate” educational options where YOUR CHILD can be successful requires careful assessment, knowledge and planning.

If you are a Parent of a high school student, you can rest assured that Pollack Educational Consulting not only provides guidance for high school students, from ninth grade forward, but also provides guidance for parents as you attempt to understand the college planning process and balance your relationship with your child during this stressful time.  At Pollack Educational Consulting, we make the college selection and application process less frustrating for families by providing step-by-step guidelines, important information along the way, and a goal-oriented approach.

Choose Pollack Educational Consulting in Pittsburgh… for personalized attention and college counseling that will put your mind at ease.

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