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Connie Pollack is a member of: ICEA & PACAC

IECA FAQs and College Admission (as published in 2012)


IECA members are the most thoroughly vetted and ethical professionals.

The average number of campus visits conducted per year by IECA members is 22.

Did you know that only 4 in 10 high school students reported receiving ANY college-related information from their school counselor; that means 40% use a school guidance counselor                     (source: IECA/IQS Research)

Independent educational consultants (IECs) are now #4 on the list of influencers of high school students     (above public school counselors)                                      (source: IECA/Inside Higher Ed)

U.S. public high school students receive an average of 38 minutes of personal advising on College Admission  (For IECA consultants: 12 hours)  (source: IECA/U.S. Dept. of Education)

26% of high-achieving seniors hired an IEC in their college search/application process     (source: IECA/Lipman Hearne/NRCCUA)

In public schools there is a ratio of 476:1 student:counselor   (Among IECA consultants it's 30:1)    (source: IECA/U.S. Dept. of Education)


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