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Educators: Classroom Workshops and/or 1 on 1


Welcome High School Principals and Staff

**  Pollack Educational Consulting can offer your high school guidance counseling staff professional development services and assistance as you work with students in the college admission’s process.

**  We recognize that most guidance counselors in public school settings have on average 300 students to advise throughout the school year and probably do not have enough allocated time to meet with juniors and seniors as they start their college planning process.  Working together, we can best serve the needs of your students by:

  1. coming into your school and meeting with students on an individual basis, or by
  2. holding class seminars or assemblies to provide valuable information in a group setting.

**  Sometimes, there are students who need that extra one-on-one attention and guidance that can make a big difference in the colleges in which they apply and their acceptance rate.

**  Even within private, independent schools, guidance counselors often do not have as much time as they would like to advise students in the college admission’s process.

Why bring in a trained Educational Consultant from Pollack Educational Consulting?

  1. We adhere to ethical guidelines and the IECA “Principles of Good Practice” when working with students.
  2. We have an extensive knowledge of schools and programs because we travel to 20-30 colleges a year on average to keep up-to-date with admission trends, admission requirements, and to be able to establish “fit” for a student.
  3. We are professional members of college counseling organizations such as IECA and PACAC.
  4. We attend professional conferences annually and maintain at a minimum a Masterís degree level of education.
  5. We have the ability to network with educational consultants and admission counselors nationwide.

A team approach is often the best strategy as we all work hard to meet the needs of our students and provide the best possible advice. Getting into college is competitive and knowing how to choose colleges that are a good fit, knowing what admission counselors look for in an applicant, and how to strengthen a studentís chances for acceptance becomes key in the college selection and application process.

If your Guidance Counseling Department would benefit from having an experienced educational consultant work with their team of counselors, by giving college planning workshops, or if you have students who would benefit from extra college counseling, please contact Connie Pollack at (412) 422-4194.

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Contact Connie Pollack at (412) 422-4194 for more information or to set up an appointment.


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