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Applying to College


Welcome High School Students

There are a number of reasons why high school students seek out college planning advice

  1. Students require more personalized attention and guidance than they typically get during school hours.
  2. Students may not have a clear understanding about the college admission's process.
  3. Some students need more one-on-one counseling and work better with an objective third party consultant rather than with people who are close to them
  4. There are so many college options that they have no idea where to start and how to narrow their college list.
  5. Some students need help with the entire application process which involves choosing appropriate college options, writing strong essays, organizing their extracurricular activities, and the application process itself.
  6. Sometimes family members, friends, and school counselors recommend colleges which may not be the best fit for the student.


Services for High School Juniors & Seniors:

  • Review of academic transcript (courses taken, grades, class rank, GPA)
  • Advice on course selection for junior or senior year
  • Discuss test registration deadlines, testing options  (SAT / ACT, SAT’s)
  • Self-assessment and in-depth interview of both student and parent(s)
  • Preparation of Activities Resume to be included with college applications:
    • Discuss/organize your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and leadership experiences
  • College major/career exploration with interest inventory assessment
  • Extensive College Search including a list of 10-15 “best-fit” school recommendations
  • Prepare for College Visits and Interviews as needed
  • Review application deadlines and requirements for selected colleges
  • Essay Assistance:  Get help with choosing good essay topics and receive honest critiques and editing suggestions to improve your essays
  • Application Review:  Each application is carefully checked before submission
  • Wait-List Assistance as needed

Services for High School Freshmen & Sophomores:

  • Review of freshman year accomplishments and academic record
  • Advice on course selection for high school years
  • Review current extracurricular activities and discuss leadership opportunities
  • Discuss testing options (SAT/ACT and SATIIs), when to schedule, and test prep ideas
  • Explore career interests and think about summer activities/summer programs
  • Learn what admission counselors look for in a college applicant and how to strengthen your chances for acceptance to college


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